Polystyrene is one of the oldest known vinyl polymers. Transparency is preferred because of its good handling, fluidity, food compatibility, and many other features.

Polystyrene thermoplastics find significant applications in the manufacture of materials with high dimensional stability, good electrical properties, easy processing and aesthetic appearance, particularly where high impact strength is required.

It is widely used as insulating material, in thin walled cups, in cooling towers, in plastic parts of pipe foam, rubber, various tools, automobile parts, panels and electronic appliances. It is often used in disposable cups.

  • Specific Gravity : 1.04 g/cm³
  • Tensile Strength :  40-50 MPa
  • Elastic Module :  2900-3400 MPa
  • Impact Resistance :  1,5-2 kj/m²
  • Deformation Temperature :  85ºC
  • Vicat Softening Temperature:  100 ºC
  • Packaging Industry (Food Packaging, Thermoforming, Fast-Food Packaging)
  • In electronic devices (Indicators, etc. Applications)
  • Textile Accessories (Hangers, Clips, Buttons, etc.)
  • Automobiles (Headlights, Rear Stop Signal Lights, Interior Lighting)
  • On refrigerator shelves and vegetable soups
  • In Toys
  • In the clock and radio cabinets
  • In Furniture Accessories
  • Thermal insulation (XPS, EPS, Graphitized EPS)

Processing temperatures should be between 180-250ºC.